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UnovaLeague:   Mai by SirLumin UnovaLeague:   Mai by SirLumin
My second character for :iconunovaleague:
Hope she's okay

Name: Mai

PKMN: Meloetta

Age: 8

Personality: Mai is EXTREMELY shy, she often hides behind things or even runs from people if they make her nervous enough. She even stops singing if someone startles her or makes her nervous, just in time to hide herself. Despite all this, Mai is pretty smart for her age, and knows when its time to run and when its time to stand up for herself, not only that; she tries to use her voice to soothe people when they are in deep anger or despair just to prove she knows when she is needed.
She is sweet, gentle, playful and very careful, all in all.
Often seen with a sad look upon her face.
She cries a LOT. If she is scared, or just lonely or sad, she will make it clear.


- Melon Buns
- Dumplings (small ones in soup, or full sized as a meal )
- Desserts in general draw her out of hiding sometimes.
- She also likes beautiful music
- Nature
- Beautiful and exotic flowers
- Crystals
- Shiny objects
- Seeing people happy.


- The dark
- Storms (she blows away easily due to her small size)
- People she doesnt know
- Falling into water (she doesnt know how to swim)
- People being angry or sad
- Cheri berries and rawst berries
- People touching the key she wears unless permitted to.

Bio: Mai lost her mother rather early, and was left alone near Crystal Cove. Ever since then, she stays mostly around that area until someone comes along, then she bolts into hiding like she usually does, out of fear that someone would "take her away" like they did to her mother long ago.

Mai has always been a rather quiet and lonely girl, never fully understanding what people were truely like, due to her lack of coming out of hiding for long. Deep down inside she hopes to find someone who would find her and look after her until her mother comes back, if she ever did.

As a Meloetta, of course Mai has a pretty voice with special powers, but because she is so young, she has not fully utilized its abilities, or much of her other abilities for that matter, but she practices so very often that sometimes she doesnt even realize she is doing it.

The key she wears around her neck was given to her by her mother when she was even younger. She doesnt know what it is for but she holds it very close and dear, her mother told her to protect it well and so she shall.

Something extra
Mai doesnt know what the key she wears around her neck is for, or what it does.
It is quite a mystery, but she wont allow anyone to touch it either, unless she feels close to them or is comfortable with them close to her.
(Already mentioned that but thought I would clarify again)

Pirouette Form

Mai would think Hitmonchamps were terrifying D: Have you seen those beastly things? iiick

(Sorry dont know where it goes in Categories >< )
SergeantGrif Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012
she's adorable! leslie would just wanna cuddle her.
ShironaJohanna Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012
She is so cute ^W^
I love her hair!
SirLumin Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012
Thank you~
I figured a Meloetta would have really whispy and floaty hair xD
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October 29, 2012
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